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5 marketing lessons you learn from reality shows

You will notice that millions of viewers are watching reality shows like ‘American Idol’, ‘Big Brother’ or ‘Survivor’. People seem to love these shows more than the regular TV dramas series or other shows. Have you ever thought why? People enjoy looking into the lives of real people rather than a fictitious character on television.

Seeing the success of these reality shows, businesses are also coming up with their own reality show to promote their brand. KFC has recently released a behind-the-scenes documentary about how they prepare their food. They have followed in the footsteps of Greggs and Iceland. The documentary has received good feedback so far. Here are some marketing lessons you learn from these reality shows.

Show business transparency

KFC has shown in their documentary how they produce their chicken, what the working environment is like, how they take care of the waste, etc. All these have made their business transparent. It has helped in creating trust among the consumers.

Create buzz

Reality shows like this create a story. People love storytelling and it helps to create a buzz around the brand. This, in turn, will boost the image of your brand and more people will know about your brand. A great deal of interest is created about the brand.


A reality show is more interesting than a boring advertisement. A reality show has emotion, drama, and excitement. People will remember the show for a longer time than a simple advertisement.

Integrate other platforms

If you have created a reality show on TV, then you can use the other media to boost your marketing effort. Don’t just upload the same show on YouTube; rather, you can show behind-the-scenes video of making the reality show on YouTube. You can use Facebook for getting feedback from the viewers and Twitter for answering queries. When you use different media, the brand visibility will increase.

Focus on customers

You should consider the viewer’s reactions and feedbacks after the reality show. It will tell a lot about how your product or service is being conceived by the viewers. You can then take measures to make your product or service more acceptable to the consumers.

Reality shows are a great way to promote your brand. But you must make sure that you maintain standard business practice and produce a good quality product. Otherwise, reality shows may portray your business in the wrong way. If you can create interesting content with the help of reality shows, then the consumers will be interested in buying your product or service.