Google Analytics marketing

6 ways you can use Google Analytics to improve your marketing efforts

Google Analytics is a very useful tool. Many websites use this tool to monitor their marketing efforts. However, they don’t use it to the full potential. According to a study, about 80% of the e-commerce retailers don’t make the full use of Google Analytics.  The basic things that you can see from Google Analytics are traffic stats, traffic sources and page views. However, there are more advanced features of Google Analytics that can be very useful for you. Here are the best ways you can use this tool.

Volume of traffic

Using Google Analytics you can know how much traffic you are getting in a certain period. So, if you have started a special campaign, your traffic is an indication whether the campaign is working well or not. You can also compare the traffic that was few days or months ago and find out what contributed to the increase or decrease in traffic.

Source of traffic

It is important to know where most of your traffic is coming from. That way you will be able to focus your marketing efforts there. You will be able to see your PPC traffic and can modify your PPC campaign accordingly. You can also find out how much traffic comes naturally. If you are doing lots of social media advertising and not getting enough traffic then you should review your marketing efforts.

Problem with your site

If a web page takes a long time to load, then people won’t ‘sign up’. Using Google Analytics you will be able to find out how fast people are leaving your site, how long it takes to load the page, etc. These are indicators that you need to improve your site.

Keyword report

You can increase the traffic of your site by using the right keywords. The keyword report of Google Analytics can tell you which top keywords are driving traffic to your blog. Once you identify these keywords, you will be able to use them the right way in your website content.

Referrals report

This report gives you the list of sites that are bringing traffic to your site. Your traffic may come from forums, blogs, websites or social media. If more traffic is coming from forums then you should spend more time answering queries in forums. If the traffic is coming from social media, you should spend more time there.

Content overview report

This report will tell you which content is attracting most traffic. You can find out your most popular content this way and try to follow the trend on your next contents. If you are writing about luxury living, for example, and see that more people are reading your article, then you should write more articles on this niche.

You can get lots of useful information from Google Analytics. Now that you know in detail what information you can extract from the Google Analytics, use this information to revise your marketing strategy.